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citylightsandafastcar: "starving artist!ashton meets underage!luke, who becomes his muse for everything. like, ashton's dingy tiny flat is filled with finished and half-done papers of poems about the sky in luke's eyes and the wheat fields in his hair, and sketches of luke. luke napping. luke smiling. luke looking out of the window. luke naked and shy. luke in pretty lingerie. only his eyes and lips colored in some pictures."



FUCK i still want to read/write about ashton making artworks of luke omg pls like imagine ashton trying to get luke to pose a certain way and luke keeps being his silly self and moving when ashton fixes his stance/position or whatever and he gets a lil annoyed and says “stop it, lukey—or i’ll find someone else” and ofc he doesn’t mean it but luke finally stops and behaves himself and ashton smiles and brushes luke’s hair from his face, then says that he was only fixing it but lbr that was his fond showing

also can it be this luke (looks like ashton asked him to pose outside but it’s cold and luke is complaining but ashton tells him to be still and he’ll buy him hot cocoa afterwards)

and you know ashton and luke totally met at the movie theater where luke was made fun of/harrassed for his perfectly cool thank you very much shades and ashton, who worked there part-time, totally chased the culprits away and secretly gave luke free popcorn and soda and complimented his sunglasses.

(although later into their relationship, luke would tease ashton by calling him an old pervert and mock-accuse him of predator baiting him.)

(it’s also luke who helped ashton pick a new pair of glasses and tell him he looks absolutely marvelous and sexy and oh god let’s play teacher/student take me now you sexy nerd.)

they date in secret for years and ashton observes luke growing up, going from tiny petite putto (it’s not cherub. he’s an artist, he has to know the difference) to a broad-shouldered tall… putto, although the uneven stubble sometimes ruins the image, and finds himself surprised that luke still remains his primary muse because it was luke’s aura of innocence that drew him in in the first place, something portrayed majorly in his artwork (hence, the nickname putto). it takes him very long to realise that growing up does not necessitate the loss of remaining optimistic and looking at the best in people, and fuck, luke looks so beautiful, so untouchable when you look at it that way and the fact ashton can touch and kiss and make love to him just…

it’s no wonder some artists are driven mad because of their muses.

Anonyme: "how about a lashton au where Ashton is an artist, and Luke models for him and is just coming to terms with his sexuality, and sometimes he feels like its wrong, but the way that Ashton looks at him when he's sitting with his back straight, or the way that he says, "luke, darling, can you turn your head to the left a little? perfect, you're perfect" and the way he smiles when Luke gets a pose right makes it all okay, and then they fall in love through a series of pictures."


oh my god and can you imagine all the masterpieces ashton creates using luke?? because luke’s already a work of art with his baby blue eyes and perfectly sculptured face and strong arms and broad shoulders but when ashton gets his hands on a canvas and paints luke he makes sure to paint more than just luke’s outer beauty he makes sure to make luke’s humble and kind personality come through in his work because he wants luke to see what ashton sees in him and if it’s the form of paintings then so be it  


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This pic idk it’s look like ashton’s hand on the knee of luke



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